Saturday, February 27, 2016

REVIEW: Anvil Industry - Missile Launcher (shoulder or vehicle mounted)

REVIEW: I have recently purchased a small number of Anvil Industry´s "Missile Launcher (shoulder or vehicle mounted)" to upgrade my Horus Heresy legions and wanted to provide a short review of my purchase for those interested. Nowadays, there are many companies out there who have specialised in various (upgrade) bits for hobby gaming and maybe this review helps you to make a good choice where to by your parts and what to expect from your purchase.

Service: First of all delivery and service was very quick, the shippment was received safely within 5 days within the EU as indicated on the website. Great!

Packaging: The pieces came in a solid cardboard box and were stored within a small plastic bag that was fastened to the box, so no flying parts in the box! Nice! No plastic blisters as I had expected for packaging, but this bag and cardboard box was more than enough to protect the parts during their journey. Great!

Bits: First impression, four lose parts, one part was still on the sprue. No damage at all to any of those lose parts though. The resin bits all feel really solid and sturdy, not fragile as some other resin products out there I have seen. In fact I would rate them to be nearly as sturdy as plastic bits. Great!

Design: I bought these missile launchers to convert a couple of my Terminator miniatures to carry missile launchers. I have provided some dry fit shots (not glued) to give you an indication of the scale and look of those pieces. One dry fit is with a Cataphractii Pattern Terminator, the later with a Tartaros Pattern Terminator. Looks great!

Conclusion: I think sizewise these parts fit very nicely with what I had in mind for my Terminators. Unlike many missile launchers from other bits manufacturers out there, these pieces are alot better fit in regard to their size and style then many others I have seen, which are typically way to big to look realistic. The Anvil Industry Missile launchers do a perfect job here with just the right size and look to them. 

So overall conclusion, would I order again and do I like the bits? 
Yes, definetely!


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