Sunday, July 28, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures game: Rebel Mk2 B-Wing (scratchbuild)

X-Wing Miniatures game: Here is the third ship in todays posting marathon, my scratchbuild and finished Mk2 B-Wing!

The Mk2 B-Wing model was entirely scratchbuild from plasticard with added bits from various sources for details.I think it turned out great :)

Fluff: The Mk2 B-Wing was a technology test bed to improve on the earlier B-Wing´s disadvantages and only saw limited production runs. It featured heavier armour shielding, improved flight controls and modular gun ports.

Below is a scale shot of my gathered Rebel Family: Prototype A-Wing, Y-Wing Mk2 and B-Wing Mk2 joined by a stock X-Wing.

Hope you like this one too!


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