Sunday, January 17, 2016

HORUS HERESY: Land Raider Achilles Alpha Pattern - Work in progress

HORUS HERESY: Today I am showing you some work in progress pictures of my newest project, a Land Raider Achilles - Alpha Pattern for my Imperial Fists Legion. 

I started this project just yesterday when I chose to recycle a leftover Land Raider kit. Some of the  parts of this particular kit were already used into the construction of the Spartan tank like the tracks, guns, etc. First I started with building the basic tank, than I scratchbuilt the forward track covers using leftover parts. After this I removed the entire orginal Land Raider top and replaced it with roof parts from a Space Marine Vindiactor tank. 

So far I am quite happy with the current built progress and the look of the tank, next up is to finish the tank´s front armor, after this I intend to scractchbuilt the sponsons. Stay tuned! :)


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