Sunday, January 31, 2016

HORUS HERESY: Adeptus Mechanicus Castellax Battle automata maniple - more work in progress

HORUS HERESY: Today I am showing you my weekend´s work in progress on the Adeptus Mechanicus Castellax Battle automata maniple. 

Working on the maniple is really truely quite time consuming, as I need to salvage my bits boxes for multiples of the same part (3x, 6x, etc.) in order to build three identic Castellax robots at once.

In the meantime I have mounted each of the Castellax Battle automata on a scenic base, the multi-posable legs I built worked very well allowing for some dynamic poses, like the one Castellax stomping/pinning the Space Marine down with his foot.

On this weekend after lots of trial and error, I finally came up with a nice, sturdy solution for the arms and particularly the hands. Though they are not fully detailed yet and will get more rivets and armor plating, I quite like the brutal look of them and the pincers. The arms have underslung Bolters or Flamers, the later not shown here. The arms parts for the remaining Castellax are mostly built and now need to be glued together. The assembled Castellax is not glued yet, just stuck together.
The gun on the back is a Mauler pattern Heavy Bolter. It is removable and fully pivots in all directions. I will not glue those guns into place, which allows me then to swap them out for other heavy weapons as needed. At the moment my plan is to build at least one to two Darkfire Cannons and probably Multi Melters as well.
Next up is finalizing all the remaining arms and to add more details to the torsos. It still needs to bulked out with cables and various bits and needs rivets too.

Last picture is a scale shot of the Maniple, as you can see they have grown pretty big now and are distinctively different from a Space marine dreadnought in looks.

That´s all for today!


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