Friday, November 27, 2015

HORUS HERESY: Tartaros Pattern Terminator Squad

HORUS HERESY: Today I am showing you the Tartaros Pattern Terminator Squad for my World Eaters Legion:

During the time of the Horus Heresy several different designs of terminator armor were developed and in use by Space Marine, one of the more advanced versions of those armors is the Tartaros Pattern armor.

I really like how much this armor reminds me of the Mk4 Maximus Space Marine armor when you compare all the details like the head, legs, etc. The Tartaros armor has a very smooth and functional look to it and I really hope that this pattern sees a plastic release also some time in the future by GW...

The squad currently encompasses 5 terminators, for heavy weapons I added a scratchbuilt Plasma Blaster, which I think fits in great with the overall useage of Plasma weapons in the World Eaters legion, thinking of Angron, Kharn and the plastic Berserkers. And it is a usefull weapon to support when this squad charges as it is an assault weapon too. 

The rest of the squad is equiped with Chain Axes (count as power weapons) and Combi bolters, plus one trooper is armed with a Power fist and the Sergeant carries a Chain fist to be able to assault armored opponents and tanks. Here is a scale shot with the Primarch Angron also.

Hope you like them! Some more Terminators are also currently in the making i.e. the plastic Cataphractii pattern ones from the Betrayal of Calth box.

Happy thanksgiving!


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