Tuesday, November 17, 2015

HORUS HERESY: Storm Eagle Gunship Painting in progress

HORUS HERESY: This is my scratchbuilt Storm Eagle Gunship for my World Eaters.  It is based on GW´s Storm Raven kit with many changes.

The chassis of the Storm Raven gunship was lengthened by about 5" in the rear to be able to accommodate ~20 Marines and the entire rear section plus Missile Launcher is totally new. A new pilot MK6 Armor pilot was added in the cockpit and the landing gear was enlarged to cope with the extra bulk of the plane and look convincing.

This is still Painting in progress, I will need to add weathering and paint the details.Below you can also see some pics of the build in progress. I have been working on this gunship for a long time with many pauses as was I unsure many times on how to proceed with the design. However I think the wait and brainstorming time has really paid out, it looks pretty menacing and convincing now already.

Here´s is also a scale shot of the Storm Eagle, Spartan and Deimos Predator, so you can see this one is a pretty big kit...

Haven´t use this one in a game so far, maybe next weekend though... :D


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