Sunday, November 15, 2015

HORUS HERESY: Scratchbuilt Spartan heavy tank

HORUS HERESY: This is one of the aforementioned side modelling projects I intended to finish prior to getting the Betrayal at Calth supplies for my World Eaters Legion.

The Spartan heavy tank is based on the standard GW Land Raider kit with many, many changes: visible tank tracks are now running all around the tank resp. over the roof similar to the older style Proteus Land Raiders from Forgeworld. The entire roof section was changed with a new hatch and now includes a new re-designed, movable Heavy Bolter emplacement.

The front assault ramp of the original Land Raider was removed and a new extended front section was built from plastic card and bits to symbolize the extra troop carrying capacity of the Spartan

The original twin Lascannon sponsons per side were upgraded to now host four Lascannons each and are still fully movable! The movable Heavy flamer on the roof can be exchanged for a Havoc Launcher or a solid round armor plate if no roof weapons are needed.  

In the last days I finished filling and sanding the gaps, added tons of rivets and made some minor modifications here and there. As of now if weather permits it will be primed as soon as possible.

The Spartan has already seen a lot of action in several games and the combination of its high armor value, two quad Lascannons and the Machine spirit capability is really devastating against enemy tanks and walkers.

Next up is the scratchbuilt Deimos Pattern Predator tank! Stay tuned!


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