Monday, November 16, 2015

HORUS HERESY: Scratchbuilt Deimos pattern Predator tank

HORUS HERESY: The Deimos patter Predator tank is a variant of the Space Marine Predator that features the round, bowl shaped turret of the very first Predator plastic kits.

In Horus Heresy this tank has access to a number of unique and exotic weapon options, which makes it a very interesting choice gamewise. Three options are particularly interesting: the Executioner Plasma Cannon, the Magna-Melta Cannon and the heavy Conversion beamer. 

Since I had a suitable Plasma Cannon lying around for years from a non-GW kit, I decided to scratchbuilt the turret and make the weapon modular. The turret was made from half of a plastic styrene ball that was cut to the appropriate shape. The rear part of the turret was modelled with Milliput and the turret mount is a 6cm Warmachine/Hordes base. I made some changes to the front of the Rhino with old Rhino parts added plus new old style hatches and many rivets. 

The turret is fully movable and can be entirely removed, which gives me the option to add different turrets e.g. Scorpius Whirlwind is one idea I have at the moment or just add the Rhino doors and use it as normal Rhino transport. Regarding the weaponry I have already started on a Magna-Melta Cannon, however I am not entirely happy yet with the muzzles, so some work is needed. 

Anyway the Deimos Predator is now good to go for priming in the next days. 

Hope you like it! :)