Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HORUS HERESY: Plastic Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters Legion!

HORUS HERESY: Well it is now time for the Lord of the World Eaters Legion to hit the scene: make room for Angron, the Red Angel, the dreaded Primarch of the World Eaters Legion

A while ago Forge World released a model for Angron made out of resin, however a few of the details of the built I did not favor too much, so I decided to built my own Angron Primarch from various plastic bits. When GW released the Sigmarite Liberators for Age of Sigmar, this was a perfect base for my conversion. The Liberator miniature stands over a head taller than a standard GW Space Marine, which is perfect size for any Primarch conversion. 

The Liberator was cut apart at various positions so that I could fully repose the legs and the arms. I wanted a simelar pose to the FW Angron miniature for my Angron so all bits were repositioned until I was happy. Lower arms and hands come old Chaos Space Marines, the chain axes are built from Ork Nob bits and Beserker chain axes, the cape is the banner from the Black Ork sprue. 

I also added a few things to the Primarch which are not featured on the FW model, but which I found necessary to add. First of all I added an old Chaos Space Marine backpack to Angron´s back, after all Angron is wearing power armor and not some old knights armor according to the fluff! And power armor needs a powered backpack to be powered. ;) Also this old backpack is alot bigger than the normal Space Marine backpacks which I think is fitting for a being of this size. The next addition was Angron´s Plasma pistol, Spite Furnace, which is a converted and lengthened Berserker plasma pistol. The final addition were some skulls to make him look more feral but also serves as reminder of his lost gladiator comrades. 

 The base was also scratchbuild from various pieces and was built to enhance the dramatic and dynamic pose of the mini. The level of the base is tilted and consists of a fallen building that has collapsed and buried some enemy Mk7 Space Marines below it. I am very happy how this build came out, it is very dynamic and aggressive looking. The pose is simelar to the original model so people should be able to identify this mini as Angron in a game pretty quickly. 

 More stuff to follow soon, Terminators are up next!


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