Sunday, November 15, 2015

HORUS HERESY: Betrayal at Calth & World Eaters

HORUS HERESY: Yesterday Games Workshop finally released the Betrayal at Calth, Horus Heresy game, which makes it very easy for (new) players to start an all plastic Horus Heresy era themed Warhammer Space Marine army. I have been waiting for a plastic release for Horus Heresy for a long while now and I simply couldn´t resist the temptation to grab two boxes right from the start. :)

As you may know I am already building up a 30k World Eaters Heresy themed army and those boxes give me the option to expand this current army, but also to create 1 or possibly 2 new armies. One of those will be the Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter, the defenders of Terra. The other maybe Death Guard or Word Bearers, we´ll see...

The World Eaters themselves have fought a couple of battles already, below you can see some pics of the World Eaters on my new gaming desert themed table. I still need to figure out a satisfying way to paint the World Eaters, at the moment the majority is just primed white...

Here are some pics of the World Eaters Legion in action (1500 points) vs another "count as World Eaters" loyalist legion. In this game I finally managed to make some good strategic use of my scratchbuilt Jetbikes, the real key to their survival and power is to stay beyond 24" of their preferred targets (infantry) and strike with Plasma cannon and Heavy Bolter fire from afar. The Rhino transport (on the right) was a dissapointment, in the very first round it failed its dangerous terrain test and impaled itself on the trench. My scratchbuilt Contemptor dreadnought also made a very good impression. All in all a fun battle which I lost by Victory points. 

I will also make some changes to the gaming board and terrain to blend terrain and board better together. If you look closely you´ll see that the board is rough and textured, this was achieved by using 3d effect spray cans which produce a sand like effect. The effect is quite nice and with some extra varnish I sprayed over the paint it will hopefully last a while.
For my World Eaters I have been very busy in the last weeks. To be prepared for the Betrayal at Calth release I wanted to get many of my side projects finished resp. ready for priming. One of those projects is my Storm Eagle Assault Gunship which is a lengthened GW Storm Raven with many extra bits. Here are some pics of it in assembly and primed. I used tape to help me mask the areas of the gunship that will be painted blue. All in all I really like the primed look of the gunship, it came together very nicely.
In the next days I´ll upload some more updates on projects I have been working on for my World Eaters so as always stay tuned!

Thank you! :)


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