Saturday, May 9, 2015

 Castellan Robots -Work in Progress-: I managed to spent some time today on the three Castellan robots and here are some WIP shots. I am quite happy with how the legs have turned out, they are attached with a ball joint at the hip and the foot and the lower leg and its piston is moveable i.e. I can adjust the stride of each leg separately which will be great for posing them on their scenic bases (i.e. with lots of rubble). Also I came up with a pretty nice and easy solution for the feet and toes using left over parts from the leg construction.
In case you wonder about the toes and the upper leg, they are made from old GW plastic electro fence parts. Tomorrow I´ll add some more details to the legs and will start building the scenic bases. After this I plan to glue the legs and hip in position on the base and continue working on the torso and the arms.


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