Sunday, May 3, 2015

Castellan Robot Maniple: 

I started to work on a Maniple of scratchbuilt Castellan/Castellax robots for my World Eaters legion this weekendTo speed up robot construction I am building three robots at the same time rather than building each one separate. This also helps me to keep track of the available  parts in my bitz box, since I´ll need either 3x or 6x the same part to continue working, which is a bit of a challenge... The main robot body is made from 4 plastic spoons with various bits for the shoulder socket and the hip. Due to the ball socket design a lot of poses will be possible in the end, base size will be 60mm.
Next up is building legs, shoulder pads, arms and the torso weapon system. I´ll try to keep the torso gun interchangeable i.e. either Mauler Boltgun, Multi Melta or Dark Fire Lance as options. Hope you like them so far! :)

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