Sunday, July 13, 2014

X-Wing: Imperial S.C. Minelayer:

X-Wing: Imperial S.C. Minelayer:

Here is a card I have made for the Imperial Sienar Systems Star Courier (S.C.) Minelayer, the Star courier class was also the base for the welknown Sith Infiltrator ship.

Following the destruction of the 1st Death Star the Imperium quickly refitted some of their unused Star Couriers to Minelayers to help protect the building site of the 2nd Death Star from any small ship intrusions.
The entire lower crew and passenger department of the ship was replaced with a half circle array of mine and bombs racks, allowing the craft to transport and quickly place a relatively large number of typically mines and bombs from its rear bomb bay.
Paired with the already superior passive defensive mechanisms of the Star Courier this ship class became known as the Imperial S.C. Minelayer refit.

Hope you like it! :) Comments welcome!



  1. thats an interesting concept, sir. Would you share some work in progress pictures or comments?