Sunday, June 29, 2014

X-Wing: Sienar Systems Star Courier

Updates and X-Wing: Sienar Systems Star Courier

Well the last post has been quite a while ago, but judging from the incredible number of visitors i.e. 18.000+ (!!!) hits, the blog is really quite popular! Wow! :-) 

Thank you very much for your continous support!

So what have I up to in the last 6 months...?
Basically I have been working on lots of X-Wing stuff, refining some custom ships stats and maneuver dials and also been looking into the new huge ships and rules. Gamewise I think I finally found some useful tactics for Darth Vader in the TIE Advanced and the A-Wing too with the upcoming expansion. I will post my tactics here soon showing some crasy stuff that can be done with Vader...

Also as you can see in the pics I repainted my Revell Stars Wars Scimitar aka Sienar Systems Star Courier too in a paint pattern simelar to the Imperial Lambda shuttle, it´s a perfect fit size wise for X-wing. I like the paint pattern much better and I think it fits great with the rest of the Imperial fleet. 

I have no intention of fielding the ships as the Scimitar as the designs I come up so far with were not balanced and were no fun to use. In the moment I am re-designing the ship and its stats, I´ll post them here soon. 

My TIE Intruder and Courier Corvette CCC are also in a stat re-design process, especially with the upcoming 5th wave releases I got some fresh ideas about what kind of rules they should get to make them fun and different e.g. from the Imperial Decimator ship. The TIE-Intruder will e.g. shift to a Bomb carrier/scout combination role while the Courier corvette will use my Turbo Laser house rules to use its single turbo laser turret! :) 

Besides X-Wing I have been building up a 1500 army of Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy World Eaters Space Marines and am in the process of painting them. The army consists entirely of Mk.6 armored Space Marines with some old Rogue Trader models for the Land Raider Proteus, the Predator tank. Scratchbuild jet bikes and Rapiers currently accompany the lot, pics to follow.

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