Friday, August 23, 2013

X-Wing Miniatures game: Rebel Transport GR-75 in action!

X-Wing Miniatures game: Well I was very lucky and managed to get my hands on an old toy GR-75 Rebel Transport!  :-D

The rather huge ship was mounted to a custom plastic base and then immediately pushed into frontline combat action!

In a 100 point game to escape from Planet Hoth, it served as the Imperial mission target that had to be destroyed, while the Rebels tried to flee their Transporter in one piece over the opposing table edge.
The Imperial Navy send waves of TIE Bombers and TIE Fighters to attack the transport, whereas the Rebels only had an A-Wing and a B-Wing for escort duty (the Rebel Transport counted in at 30 of their 100 points).

Although the Imperial Navy managed to block the Transports movement and bombarded it with missiles and even laied a bomb in its way, the transport was able to escape severely damaged from the grip of the Imperial Navy shortly after the last threatening TIE Bomber was blown apart! 

Ship design notes: I designed the rules for the GR-75 transport-pilot card with the "Protect"-Action from mission 1 in X-Wing rulebook in mind. Therefore the transport has a defense value of 0 to represent that it is a massive, easy to hit capital size ship. To give the ship/player some sort of defense possibilities, it can however perform an "Evade"-Action. Coupled with a pair of escorting fighters who "protect" (Action) the ship this has turned out to be a very realistic and well functioning game feature. Due to its very long flight base the GR-75 Transport is very fast however (despite its maximum movement being 2, see its flight dial here) so some good movement planning is necessary to keep the Rebel escort fighters close by.

I will paint and weather the Rebel transport too, just need to get some Ink wash as this big ship will eat a lot of paint... ;-)

I will also post two(!) new scratchbuilt ships on the blog soon, so stay tuned until I have taken some pics!


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