Saturday, June 8, 2013

X-Wing: Scratchbuild Y-Wing Mk2

X-Wing miniatures game: I just recently finished this little scratchbuild fellow, so here it is: the Y-Wing Mk2 bomber

Fluff: The Y-Wing Mk2 was an attempt by rebel forces to increase survivability of the bomber shortly after the battle for the first Death Star. The battle there had shown some immanent weaknesses especially in engine design and rear protection of the Y-wing. 
Four additional Ion Turbo Capacitators (ITC) were added next to the main fuselage to boost performance, two of each capacitators able to turbo charge each ion drive for a short period. 
Some additional armour plating was added to the droid section and the main fuselage, especially the vulnerable rear section. After a small number of Y-Wing had been expensively upgraded to Mk2 the Rebellion forces were able to get a hold on the more powerful  B-Wing design and ceased retrofitting the Y-Wings. 
The Mk2s saw action in a handful of raids against Imperial convoys and proved themselves worthy in combat but to expensive on the long term for the Rebels.

The model is totally scratchbuild using various bits from all kinds of kits, too many kits to list here, sorry. It will mostly likely remain a single build model to accompany my X-Wings until reinforcements arrive. I think it turned out quite well and it will face battle soon :)

Hope you like it!



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