Friday, June 21, 2013

X-Wing miniatures game: Correlian Courier Corvette (scratchbuild)

X-Wing miniatures game:

Today I present you the newest addition to the Rebel forces: the scratchbuild Correlian Courier Corvette!

Fluff: The Correlian Courier Corvette or nicknamed simply „3C“ was a small, but very fast courier and surveillance vessel that was often used by Rebel spies and smugglers. 

With a length of 31.6m the Correlian Courier Corvette could hold three crew members and up to four passengers or a simelar amount of small sized cargo.
The ship was equiped with a Nexan hyperdrive and extensive set of long range sensors that could be used for transmitting or monitoring sources from long distances. The later ability made this ship a preferred asset for spies as it could jump into a remote part of a system, assess the situation and transmissions in a short time and then jump away before (Imperial) patrol crafts where able to arrive. Should the 3C be attacked it could defend itself with two forward laser cannons and a twin laser cannon turret on the upper hull.

The model: The model is entirely scratchbuild and consists of a main body made of the rear end of a Gundam twin gatling gun plus several parts of the biotoxin plant set for the engine and cockpit. The rest of the model was layered with bits from various sources. The base was scratchbuild from plastic card.
In game: The Correlian Courier Corvette is a ship that emphasizes speed but not manouverability. It is more suited to shake off pursuers rather than to engage in a dog fight. The 3C can defend itself 360° around however its armament is relatively weak. However it can use its crew and sensor options to give itself an edge in combat or boost its offensive capabilities and furthermore support its own fleet from afar. So far I have created four custom pilot cards for the 3C and some other necessary tokens.

Well hope you like it! Next week the Correlian Courier Corvette will hopefully be battle tested!