Friday, June 14, 2013

More X-Wing miniatures stuff: Battle pictures and WIP pictures

More X-Wing miniatures game stuff: Today I am showing you some pictures of the very first battles that involved the new Tie Bomber Mk2 and the Y-wing Mk2.

Both Mk2 ships managed very well in the battle, especially the Tie Bombers, who both outlastet their escorting Tie fighters by several rounds...Hey where´s my escort gone? :)

In two battles with 100 points each we counted one victory for the Rebel side and one for the Imperials.

And you might spot something else and quite big on the board, which is soon to be revealed... stay tuned!

Below I also added some WIP pics of the Mk2 ships prior to painting for those interested in the unpainted models.

More stuff is up tomorrow, stay tuned!


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