Thursday, May 30, 2013

Star Wars X-Wing: Scratchbuilt TIE Bomber Mk2

Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game: Recently I got into the very entertaining X-Wing miniatures game and my local gaming group and I have truely a lot of fun with this game and its setting. 

Unfortunately many miniatures of the game are very hard to come by these days, so I decided to make myself a few proxy ships for the time being until I can get my hands on them. First of these ships which I show you today is the TIE Bomber Mk2.

Fictional Fluff: The TIE Bomber Mk2 is a variant of the common TIE Bomber featuring several design changes to improve battle capabilities, production speed and ease of maintenance. Among these changes were rounded solar panels which proved to be much sturdier during high-G manouvers than the angled solar panels of older variants. The engines received new shielding and the number of cockpit windows was reduced from nine to four windows to allow better visibility for the bomber pilot.

The model: The models were entirely scratchbuild using only parts of a terrain building set called Urban War Biotoxin plant. I will post a little tutorial from the in the next days how to build your own MK2 bombers.In fact it is a very simple build requiring not much time.

Scalewise I am very happy with how the Mk2 turned out they fit very well with the standard TIE fighters from the game.

Hope you like them! May the force be with you! :)


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