Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dust Tactics: Axis Walker "Heinrich II"

Dust Tactics:

In 1949 German Oberkommando ordered a complete re-design of all major Axis walker types to increase armour protection, ease of maintenance and combat efficacy. The Heinrich II was the first of those refitted walker designs to be introduced, benefitting from an all new walker design, while keeping the proven 20mm quad machine cannons as weaponry. Added search lights improve the Heinrich 2´s anti air and anti ground combat capabilities, while its quad guns now also benefit from improved protection by being mounted in armoured sponsons. Shortly after its combat deployment the Heinrich 2 has already become a deadly and much feared sight by Allied plane pilots.
The Heinrich 2 walker is based on an AT-43 Sierp walker with scatchbuild weapons mostly made of plastic rods and plastic spoons. I chose the spoons because they match the round body of the Sierp very well and add to the overall curvy design.

I will post some WIP pics soon too. Hope you like it!

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