Friday, March 29, 2013

Dust Tactics: Allied Walker "Duck"

Dust Tactics: Today I show you yesterdays prior breakfast project- the Allied Walker "Duck".  

The Duck is based on an old AT-43 Red Block Molot walker with an added phaser weapon plus a gun shield and new ammo and engine compartments. The phaser gun was made from a leftover 40k Street lantern.

Background: The M-13 walker was designed by Allied Engineers to fill the gap between light walkers like the Honey and medium walkers like Cobra. Using design ideas from the Black Hawk walker the M-13 hosts several major improvements regarding the protection of its pilot, walker reliability and an optimized phaser weaponry. The M-13 soon earned the inoffical nickname Duck hence to its bird like design as it entered troop service. Several different weapon variants of the Duck are already in development like the Hunting Duck, or Rocket Duck.

Hope you like todays bird :)


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