Monday, February 18, 2013

Dust Tactics: Sturmkröte & Königskröte, heavy axis walkers, WIP part#2

Dust Tactics: Today I show you some WIP pics of my most recent work i.e. from today. Finally I found some time to continue working on the Axis Sturmkröte and Königskröte heavy walkers.

First step was to fill the major gaps with rolled up aluminium foil. This serves two simple purposes: first it fills some of the major gaps without needing to apply to much green stuff or milliput. Second the aluminium foil weighs almost nothing compared to milliput, so it will keep the weight of the model down despite some major filling work. :)
Then I applied milliput to smooth down the connections between the various body parts and to shape parts like the main hatch, gun ports and the lower body "hips".

After the milliput has dried over night the next steps will be to a) sand down the milliput a bit, then b) apply some more details to the hull like hatches and then c) apply STONE touch spray over the entire bodies, but not the details (they need to be masked). The spray will give it a rough look simelar to real cast iron. More details on that in the next days. Stay tuned!


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