Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dust Tactics: The Gator, amphibious medium walker, WIP

Dust Tactics: The Gator, allied amphibious medium walker, is my newest project to support my allied troups. The Gator was originally inspired by the Wildfire walker quad 50 cal. MGs, however it has in the meantime far evolved from that concept.

The basic walker shape and gun mounts were inspired by amphibous tanks from ww2 and Vietnam like the LVT and the PBR river boats. The Gator is basically a walking boat, it can enter any river or sea and then move on propelled by its legs and its ship propeller. The turret mounted twin MGs can rotate 360° each allowing the gator to continously monitor its environment. There is ample space to store personal goods or cargo in its pontons and it even has a limited ferry capacity. The Gator´s role is to scout ahead of main forces especially in swamps or traverse rivers. When it spots enemy units, it can call upon artillery support or engage light targets with its 50.cals.

I still need to add some details to the hull and some cargo goods. Then the Gator will also receive its own Dust tactics unit card. Hope you like it, stay tuned!   Cheers invivos

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