Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dust Tactics: My painted Axis Platoon

Of course the Axis miniatures got painted too, here is the German platoon :)  The Heavy Laser Grenadier dark camo was inspired by the black and white camo from German night fighter planes and bombers. The depicted unit is the fictional 117th NKG Nachtkampfgruppe Meyer (night combat group) used to engage allied tanks and walkers in night raids. The Sturmpioniers carry Eichenlaub (oak leaf) camoflage while the other Heavy Grenadiers have an urban adapted version of the Plantane-camoflage. Hope you like them!
Sturmpioniere  (not Sturmpionieren... ;) )
Heavy Flak Grenadiers
Lara & Heavy Recon Grenadiers

Heavy Laser Grenadiers

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