Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dust Tactics: "Fireball" S.A.F.S. - Super infantry

Dust tactics finally gave me an opportunity to recycle some old but well loved minis, in this case it´s the S.A.F.S. Fireball (Super Armored Fighting Suit). Please note that the entire design of the S.A.F.S. Fireball and Maschinenkrieger is the brainchild of Kow Yokoyama and all copyrights of the design belong to him.
This is my adaption of using the S.A.F.S. in game of Dust tactics as I think it fits the design style of this game very well. I own a set of prepainted 1/35 scale S.A.F.S., which I based on 40mm bases, slightly repainted and weathered them. 

In Dust tactics they represent Infantry type 4 in our little gaming group, they are the next step in weapon and armour evolution and are operated by a single pilot encased in the body. 

Gamewise the S.A.F.S. is not as powerfull or point expensive as FFGs Infantry 4, but rather meant to be in between infantry 3 and walkers 3/4 on the power level. It is designed as an Infantry type 1 to 3 hunter and it can prove a tough nut for infantry that has no anti armour weapons. Although it can engage walkers too it´s main focus is hunting and terrifying infantry.

Here are pics of my two S.A.F.S. Fireball suits as well as a custom dust tactics stat card to use them in game.

Hope you like it :)

Cheers invivos

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