Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simple Mk6 armour style Marines

I was always a big fan of the Horus Heresy long before the novels were written. In fact this started with the Adeptus Titanicus board game and the first Space Marine 6mm game.

Over the years I always wanted a “Beakie”-Marine (Mk6 armour) army, but the old MK6 rogue trader era miniatures looked out of place compared to the newer Marines especially with their tiny legs. When the first plastic bit shops started, I thought of simply exchanging the legs of the old Marines against the newer MK6 legs, which now could be ordered in reasonable quantities.

Today I am showing you the results of this undertaking and I think the simple leg swap transformed really old minis into up to date looking minis. As legion of choice I chose the World Eaters Legion for my Horus Heresy Army as they appeal the most to me.

My army depicts the World Eaters Legion in the time after the Mars campaign when traitor forced had already seized the MK6 armour production lines on Mars (source WD #129) and reequipped themselves for the Assault on the Moon resp. Terra, thus exchanging most of their older and broken MK3, 4 or 5 armour suits for the new MK6 ones.

You will notice that many victims of the World Eaters displayed on their bases are wearing Mk7 armour. Production lines of Mk7 were also transferred to Terra (source WD #129) and thus loyal forces on Terra wear a mixture of Mk6 and 7 suits etc. during the last battles of the HH. This gave me a simple opportunity to recycle leftover MK7 armour parts for my army.

Accompanying the foot troops are one old Land Raider and an old Predator tank as well as a Dreadnought and a HH style era Land Speeder inspired by the very first Land speeders which I will show you later. :)

Here they are. Hope you like them! :) Cheers invivos


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