Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Necron Canoptek Tomb Crawler

I am proud to show you some pics of my newest project: the Necron Canoptek Tomb Crawler!

Fluff: Apart from the more common robotic Necron servants like scarabs, tomb spyders or tomb roaches, some tomb worlds host a plethora of even more alien and unsettling inhabitants. One of these servants is the Canoptek Tomb Crawler, a many limbed mechanoid being that slightly resembles an overscaled giant centipede. Tomb Crawlers can vary somewhat in size or in the number of their body segments. Most Crawlers feature about eight segments and sixteen legs, though much longer versions are not unheard of. These King Crawlers replace some of their legs with additional ranged weaponry to fire deadly broadsides, while charging head first into and through the midst of the enemy ranks invading their tomb world.

I wanted the model to be simple to build and also cheap, hence I used some of the techniques from my Tomb Roach and some leftover parts from my Necron Army build. I will also post a tutorial in the next days how to build your own Tomb Crawler, so stay tuned!

Here are the pics of Tomb Crawler and a little cartoon :)

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