Thursday, January 26, 2012

Karl - Heavy Siege Mortar

Introducing Karl...

Karl is my version of a heavy siege mortar counting as bombard for my Imperial Guard Army. Today I glued it together and finished the paint job. Karl has done a tremendous job in my 40k games so far and his tally of destroyed enemy units ranges from tanks like Razorbacks, Rhinos, Falcons to entire squads of hapless Space Marines and Eldar.

Karl´s siege mortar can elevate up to 70° upwards and the rear access hatch can be opened or closed. I gave the mortar mount a cast iron-look using a stone effect spray, simelarly to the look of old steam trains.

I also started on Thor, Karl´s twin brother a while ago, but haven´t come around to finish it yet as the build of the gun cradle, mortar, etc. takes quite some time.

Here are the pics, enjoy! :)

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