Thursday, January 12, 2012

Taurus Pattern Armoured Personal Carrier (APC)

Here is my newest project, the Taurus Pattern APC for my 40k Imperial Guard!

Fluff: The Taurus Pattern APC is a wheeled variant of the common Chimera tank and is mainly used by specialised Imperial Guard Regiments for street fighting or reconaissance tasks in open terrain like sand deserts. While it shares many components with the Chimera, the Taurus four-wheeled design enables it to travel at much higher speeds on streets or any other flat terrain. Additionaly the wheeled suspension can be adjusted in height, allowing the Taurus to pass over rubble or other smaller obstacles when needed.

The Taurus is based on a cheap RC controlled-toy car from Playmobil, I´ll post pics and a little tutorial how to create your own Taurus soon. Oh and the Taurus actually drives thanks to the RC unit! I will post a video of it soon!

For now here are the pics, hope you like it!

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